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While it can be frustrating to need a natural tooth removed, it is sometimes necessary to prevent further issues. Fortunately, tooth extraction procedures are effective, safe, and comfortable, and we can usually take care of them easily in our Ottawa dental centre.

Reasons For Teeth Extractions

While a filling or crown is often a sufficient restorative procedure, extensive damage to a tooth may require extraction. Traumatic injuries and tooth decay are the most typical reasons for tooth extractions, as well as removing baby teeth that did not fall out on their own.

How Does Tooth Extraction Work?

After the dentist prepares you for the procedure, the tooth will be loosened and carefully removed with dental forceps. Gauze will be placed over the tooth to prevent bleeding, and it’s recommended that you bite down on the gauze for at least 30 minutes afterwards. Depending on the reason for the removal, your dental team may also recommend a restoration (such as a dental implant or dental bridge) to help restore your ability to speak and chew and protect the other teeth from shifting out of place.

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