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Sleep apnea is a common condition that affects how you breathe at night. As a result, it also affects your sleep quality and can cause you to snore at night. It can even become dangerous, and there is a risk of death if sleep apnea is not treated. Fortunately, there are devices designed to maintain the airflow in your mouth and nose as you sleep to lower the risk and so you don’t lose out on quality sleep.

How Do You Treat Sleep Apnea and Snoring?

Sleep apnea is treated with oral devices designed to help you breathe easier at night. These devices keep your jaw in a position that allows for better airflow. Many also work to relieve snoring that is not associated with sleep apnea.

Devices for Sleep Apnea and Snoring

CPAP machines are often recommended for moderate to severe cases of sleep apnea. However, these machines are not always a good choice, depending on your level of sleep apnea and lifestyle. If you have already tried CPAP therapy and weren’t happy with the results, ask us about custom snoring and sleep apnea devices. Our dental team will recommend a suitable sleep apnea device for your needs.

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