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Every oral examination at Billings Bridge Dental Centre is an opportunity for restoring and protecting your oral and overall health. We regularly review your medical history and stay up to date with your health status to ensure we have the whole picture. Not only are we concerned about the condition of your teeth and gums, but we care about your wellbeing, lifestyle, and long-term health.

Oral Exams for New Patients

As a new patient, you will receive a comprehensive dental examination during your first visit. This exam will screen for any immediate health problems and check up on the health of your teeth and gums. If it’s been a while since your last oral exam, we recommend booking an appointment to see our experienced dentists.

What’s Included in an Oral Examination?

During your annual or semi-annual exam, your dentist will examine several factors that can impact your dental health. This may include oral cancer screening, gum disease evaluation, and examining pre-existing restorations like fillings, x-rays, and examining tooth decay. We may also take digital dental x-rays to determine if there are any issues below the surface-level of your teeth and gums.

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