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Night Guards

Bruxism is a condition where you clench or grind your teeth, typically at night. Although it’s often mild, bruxism can cause headaches. In severe cases, problems such as jaw disorders and damaged teeth can result. A night guard is an appliance worn during the night to prevent severe grinding and clenching. We offer custom, comfortable night guards to protect your teeth, mouth, and jaw while you sleep.



Sports Mouth Guards

Snoring devices & Sleep Apnea devices

TMD/TMJ Devices

orthodontist holding retainer


Retainers can be used for several different reasons, but they’re typically used as a follow-up to braces or Invisalign. They’re key in ensuring you don’t undo all of your hard work with your previous dental appliances, as they ensure that the teeth don’t shift back into their previous positions!

Sports Mouth Guards

Sports mouth guards are recommended for those who play a physical sport where they could suffer facial injury or impact, such as hockey or soccer. These devices are critical for protecting your teeth from damage, especially if you have dental appliances like braces. They can also prevent jaw, head, and neck injuries.

two colourful sports mouth guards
man sleeping while wearing sleep apnea device

Snoring Devices & Sleep Apnea Devices

Sleep apnea is treated with oral devices designed to help you breathe easier at night. These devices keep your jaw in a position that allows for better airflow. Many also work to relieve snoring that is not associated with sleep apnea.

TMD/TMJ Devices

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) connects the temporal bone of your jaw to your lower skull. Temporomandibular disorders (TMD) can cause chronic pain in this area, causing severe pain and discomfort, and leading to other symptoms, such as headaches and difficulty opening and closing the jaw.

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