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At Billings Bridge Dental, we provide expert oral cleaning and hygiene services. We will assess your individual risks and requirements in order to customize your oral health treatment and tooth cleanings. With regard to your oral health and restoration procedures, it is our intention to ensure your long-term success. Our treatments include scaling to remove debris, fluoride application, and x-rays.

Why You Need a Dental Hygienist in Ottawa

In order to prevent dental problems like cavities, gingivitis, and bad breath, maintaining optimal dental hygiene is required, as it involves keeping your teeth clean, bright and healthy, and your breath fresh. To assist in preventing periodontal disease, our dental hygienist near you removes plaque calculus, tartar, or stain deposits from your teeth during your session. They’ll also perform a soft tissue examination, indications of gum disease will be detected and the appropriate course of action can be taken to address this issue.

Getting Dental Hygiene in Ottawa

At your initial visit as a new patient, you will have a thorough dental checkup. During this examination, your teeth and gums will be evaluated, and any immediate health issues will be screened for. If you haven’t had an oral examination in a while, we suggest making an appointment with one of our talented dentists.

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