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Root canal therapy is needed if a nerve becomes affected by infection or decay. In most cases, if a root canal procedure is needed and not performed, the tooth will die and require removal, a process which is more costly and has a greater effect on your other teeth and overall oral health.

Signs You Need a Root Canal

There are several symptoms that can suggest you may need root canal therapy. These include abscesses on the gums, swelling, and tooth pain. Unfortunately, symptoms do not always show up, so you may need root canal therapy without even realizing it. It’s important to visit our dental team regularly for exams, as well as when you are experiencing unusual pain or symptoms.

How Does Root Canal Therapy Work?

A root canal treatment may require multiple visits. During the therapy, your tooth will be numbed and pulp, nerve tissue, and bacteria will be removed. It will then be sealed with either a permanent or temporary filling. A tooth treated with root canal therapy also requires a dental crown, which is a tooth-shaped cap, to protect and strengthen the remaining tooth.

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